AZAD relies on wonderful volunteers to promote AZAD’s mission with the support of various committees.  Below is a list of our active committees with descriptions of their responsibilities and duties.  Every committee is tasked with their own set of duties and a board liaison.

See a committee that isn’t listed?  Feel free to contact the AZAD board  to discuss how it can be established and included into this list.

Legislative Committee

  • Develop relationship with Legislative elected leaders, with elected congressional leaders, and Governor of the state
  • Ensure that bills goes through the Arizona state legislative process
  • Maintain our strong voice in political process
  • Be knowledgeable with AZ disability laws
  • Protect Children’s rights to ASL
  • Maintain an updated knowledge of legislative matters that may impacts the deaf community.

Education Committee

  • Help and support Arizona’s deaf schools and programs to improve its deaf education
  • Provide and share information to families of deaf children
  • Participate Early Intervetion Stakeholder’s meeting
  • Attend to ASDB board meetings
  • Share updates on ECFE through social media
  • Build relationships with student organizations (JRNad, Roadrunner Council, AB, etc.).
  • Build relationships with deaf schools and programs (if none exist outside of professional / personal)
  • Monitor academic performance of deaf schools and programs.
  • Maintain a database of graduating seniors for awarding purposes (free membership to graduating seniors

Public Relations

  • Post press releases to website and social media channels
  • Post minutes of board meetings to the AZAD website
  • Provide minutes & reports to Board and at General and Board meetings.
  • Maintain an active social media presence with ongoing campaigns.
  • Keep the AZAD website updated with news, events, board minutes.
  • Keep in the loop of any big occurrences in the state and have a press release ready to go
  • Create ASL vlogs of press releases to ensure full accessibility
  • Reach out to members to see what they are looking for through the use of surveys
  • Develop a consistent look/style of publications to come from AZAD.

Events Committee

  • Support Arizona deaf community’s unity
  • Attend to deaf events and represent AZAD
  • Host fundraising events
  • Help improve the deaf community’s access
  • Post and share information on social media
  • Develop a event calendar that provides a steady rhythm of events during the entire year
  • Identify and Assign Event Coordinators to ensure they run their assigned events smoothly
  • Provide assistance with events when needed
  • Create strategies to encourage an increase of AZAD members registrations through the use of events and other tools
  • Ensure all events are appropriately advertised
  • Operates the AZAD State Conference and other official events

Youth Section

  • Oversee the youth activities in Arizona
  • Gather information and feedback from any individuals and organizations
  • Provide status to AZAD Board Members and at General Board Meetings
  • Promote scholarships for youth to enhance their lives
  • Host and run youth events
  • Develop a youth program (JrAZAD)

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

  • Reach out and find the people who will bring diversity to AZAD
  • Meet with any culturally-owned agencies or companies
  • Connect with the culturally diverse community and encourage them to volunteer/become a member
  • Create a contact list of local representatives for national, state, or local minority organizations throughout Arizona to be added to our website and social media
  • Create a list of recommended speakers of diverse cultures or backgrounds for AZAD’s workshops, training, or events.
  • Attend and invite culturally diverse activities, booths, festivals, etc. to AZAD’s events
  • Keep the diverse population by making then feel included and valued for their unique contributions they bring to AZAD
  • Provide/Attend Diversity of cultural sensitivity training/workshops/events
  • Include historical events on AZAD’s events calendar and add to our website and social media
  • Provide recognition/awards to culturally diverse group
  • Provide diverse language materials (ASL videos, PowerPoint, Spanish version etc.)

Fundraising Committee

  • Apply for grants that can benefit AZAD
  • Oversee the grant application process from beginning to end
  • Gather information and feedback from Board members for the grant
  • Provide grant reports to Board and at General and Board meetings.

Governance Committee

  • Oversee Bylaws & PPMs to ensure that it is up to date with any new additions and/or changes.
  • Develop drafts for updated Bylaws & PPMs to bring to Board and/or Members voting.
  • Ensure that any actions that AZAD takes is in accordance to Bylaws & PPMs.
  • Bring any possible violations to the attention to the Board
  • Bring hard copies to be made available during in-person meetings (Board & General)
  • Develop a through understanding of the Bylaws & PPMs to serve as the contact person for any inquiries and questions.

Finance Committee

  • Review the annual budget.
  • Monitor the reserve fund
  • Monitor and report on the financial status and activities to the board.
  • Ensures financial policies are followed
  • Board Liaison presents financial report at board meetings and general meetings.
  • Financial review of the state of organization financial position by the end of fiscal year.

Biennial State Conference Committee

  • Selection of Chair(s) for the Committee and start training immediately
  • Expand this committee to enhance roles of speciality
  • Establish a timeline of deadlines and goals to accomplish
  • Invite speakers from local, state and national level to attend conference
  • Change the concept of the state conference
  • Discuss the topics of social justice, organizational leadership, deaf education advocacy, linguistics and cross-cultural communities, and more
  • Create an overall budget of the conference
  • Identify a venue for the Biennial State Conference
  • Develop a conference schedule
  • Reach out to exhibitors and presenters
  • Look for CEU opportunities that can be provided at the conference.