AZAD Committees Sign Up

AZAD Committees Sign Up

AZAD is pleased to announce a new addition to our website.  We’ve added a page that outlines our active committees and their respective duties. You can view the page by visiting

Once you’ve visited the committees page, you are able to view our currently active committees that has a board liaison.  A board liaison allows you to have a direct connection to the AZAD board and allow the AZAD board to have a direct connection to the committees.

Committees relies on wonderful volunteers to promote AZAD’s mission.  Feel free to review our committees list and sign up to become a part of a committee.  You can sign up by visiting the Committees Interest Form at

If you have an idea for a potential committee that’s not currently active, please contact the AZAD Board our contact page and we can discuss how we can get the committee established.

Have a great day,

AZAD Board

View a short video message from AZAD Vice President Scott Madsen regarding committees.  The transcript is below the video.

Video Transcript:

Hello my name is Scott Madsen and I’m the Vice President of AZAD.  I wanted to let you know of an exciting addition to our website, Committees List with their duties.  You can review our active committees and not only that, if you want to get involved. We have a sign up form where you’ll be able to decide which committees you want to join and the board will contact you to match you to a committee.  Also if you see an committee missing from the list, bring it to the board and we will discuss it with you to establish the committee’s duties and vision to ensure it is in alignment with AZAD’s current mission.

Have a great day!