“MY Alma Mater – ASDB” by James Wilson IV.


“MY Alma Mater – ASDB” by James Wilson IV.

Here’s a passionate letter from AZAD President James Wilson IV, an ASDB alumnus.  Transcript below video.


Hello to everyone! I am James WIlson IV, the current President of Arizona Association of the Deaf, Inc and would like to express our gratitude in seeing an outpouring support from the community. Thank you for writing letters to Governor Ducey regarding Dr. Syms on ASDB Board as Board President. Your support means a great deal to us, and thank you!

I wanted to share a personal story with you all, and wanted to say I personally don’t think Dr. Syms is fit to serve on ASDB Board as Board President because my background and my story is that I have been attending Arizona Schools for the Deaf and Blind in Tucson since I was four years old. I am an ASDB product. I have been around wonderful and strong leaders in Deaf Education, strong teachers, professionals and administrators, and I have seen great leadership in the past. And I was thrilled to hear when Annette Reichman was appointed as ASDB Superintendent. That is wonderful because she is a strong leader. But ASDB Board as a whole needs to be strong to support Superintendent Annette Reichman, and I don’t see that with Dr. Syms serving on the Board, especially with his unethical practices, his judgement as a leader, and his involvement in scandals such as fraudulent practices. He also politicize his role in serving on the Board. I believe strongly that the Board needs to be strong in order to support Superintendent Reichman and support the agency as a whole. We need more strong leaders on the Board that is actually serving to the needs of Deaf, Deaf-Blind, and visually challenged children. This is really important. Dr. Syms needs to go.

We would like for you all to continue to write letters in support of AZAD’s efforts to Governor Ducey to ensure that Dr. Syms be removed from the Board. With your continued support. We have several templates of letters that has been made convenient for you to write to Governor Ducey. Please feel free to click on the link, and write away.

Thank you all for your continued support.]